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!BADASS! Burlesque: Video Gallery!

!Bad Ass! Burlesque - Donna Summer

!Bad Ass! Burlesque - My Bloody !Badass!

!Bad Ass! Burlesque - Barbie

Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!

11th Anniversary!

Dead Bad & Beyond



American Horror Story

World Famous *BOB*'s Birthday Parade


Faster Pussycat Kill Bill

Dia De Los Muertos

Black & Red Party

Boogie Nights Edition

God Save the Queen!

!BADASS! Loves Janis

Dark Side of the Rainbow

Faceboy Interviews "The World Famous Bob"
Backstage at !BADASS! Burlesque

Insectavora performs @ !BADASS! Burlesque
@ the Bowery Poetry Club 2/18/06

Women Dancing in the dark ... !BADASS! Burlesque

Art Stars: The Children of Jack Smith
Features an interview with Velocity Chyaldd,
creator of !BADASS! Burlesque.

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Background photo by Alex Colby

!BADASS! Burlesque 2013/2014